About Us

Blindvoice Loans is a celebrated UK logbook loan company that has changed fortunes of scores of UK citizens with a poor credit seeking for affordable loans since inception. Our strength as a service provider lies in the fact that we take the needs of our customers seriously and ensure that they get professional services within the shortest time possible. With our affordable logbook loans, our customers can be assured of excellent customer services, top notch customer support and guidance in everything related logbook loans.

We create awareness on everything related logbook loans, encourage our customers to improve their credit score through availing of logbook loans and help them to avoid pitfalls that have befallen many logbook loan applicants in the past. Our top notch and highly trained customer personnel have been at the forefront of ensuring that our customers make the right decisions and that the loans they ultimately take serve to improve their condition as opposed to worsening it.

We are straightforward, efficient in our operations and endeavour to offer easily accessible and affordable logbook loans. Our emphasis on total quality management, obsession with continuous improvement not to mention great customer service is one of the reasons we have remained to be a top UK logbook loan lender since inception.