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Blind Voice, action and support for people of all ages with sight impairment


To enable people who are blind or partially sighted achieve equality and realise their full potential and integration into society

Blind Voice Objectives

Aims and Objectives

To be proactive in promoting, maintaining and developing the work of BlindVoice UK.

To ensure that every contact with BlindVoice UK is a positive experience.

To convert printed material into alternative formats (Braille, CD, computer disc or large print); and market our Transcription Service to the local business community increasing communication and inclusion.

To raise public awareness of the issues and problems relating to sight loss.

To continue to provide and improve quality services to people with sight loss. This includes education, ICT skills, job seeking skills and participation in social activities.

To take a leading role in the community to advance the interests of blind and visually impaired people of all ages and dominations.


Sight Support

There are a wide range of sight impared community Services offer a wide range of support services including:

Blind Voice, action and support for people of all ages with sight impairment.

What we are all about

  • Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Transcription Service
  • Computer Training in partnership with Tees Achieve
  • Confidence Building 
  • Emotional Support
  • Social Group
  • Active Sports
  • Theatre Trips with Audio Description
  • Job Seeking Support

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Blind Voice support visually impaired people make the most of their lives

Supporting people with sight loss |


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